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Meet Up For Headshots

Jun 26, 2022

A professional headshot screams professionalism!

At this event we will be providing an essential service that all bosses require, but often overlook. How you present yourself says a million words, without you saying one. So what better way to represent yourself and your brand than with a professional headshot?

You will be able to use your it on all social media platforms (your website, Facebook, Instagram, etc) as well for any printed materials (cards, brochures, flyers, etc). Use your headshot how you see fit!

Not only will you walk away with professional headshots but you will also be able to connect with bosses, eat, drink and enjoy yourself. It will definitely be giving Day Party vibes !

As an added service we will have a make up artist on-site.

Come DRESS TO IMPRESS! I recommend solid colors instead than patterns, being that we want to draw attention to your face and not your outfit. However, your outfit should reflect who you are and the message you want your audience to grasp.

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