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 As a child I loved counting and collecting coins. I loved it so much that one day I decided to see what a coin tasted like. Let me just say that did not go so well. I spent the night in the ER. (It’s okay to laugh)

All in all that is where my passion began.

In school math was my favorite subject. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,  problem solving, equations, equalities, and inequalities kept me enthralled.

After high school graduation I was granted a job at Jackson Hewitt, as a Seasonal Tax Preparer. I took a liking to preparing taxes. After a year of preparing returns for just family and friends, I set forth to start my own Tax Preparational business in 2017 .

I then went on the pursuit to college, to further my knowledge in all things Accounting and Business. I remember walking into my very first accounting class and the exact thing my instructor said was “Let’s talk accounting”. That is when I instantly fell in love with everything accounting. I obtained an associate degree in Accounting Technology at Gadsden State Community College. Afterwards I continued my studies at Strayer University.

With the gained experience and education, I have been able to grow my “little” tax preparation company into a full Accounting Firm, with multiple services. I look forward in assisting and educating you in taxes, business, finance, and accounting!

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